Alaine Fundation
Fundación Alaine was founded in 2006 to fulfill the dream of Alaine Herrera Vicente (1988-2004) “that all the children of the world can have the same opportunities”, and shares the objectives of sustainable development of United Nations with 3 lines of work : Education, Women’s Promotion and Maternal and Child Health.

Since 2007, Fundación Alaine works in northern Benin (West Africa) and is registered in the National Registry of Foundations, operating without central or peripheral structure costs (audited annual accounts):


  • All staff is voluntary. Professionals with wide experience delivering their capacities for the management of Fundación Alaine and their projects, with extensive experience in international cooperation.
  • Without operating expenses. Banks are not even paid to transfer project funds to the banks of northern Benin.
  • Fundación Alaine only Works with “Misionary” counterparts. High experience on the ground, no added costs for the projects and total guarantee. Projects are carried out on the ground with the collaboration, monitoring and control of Salesian missionaries,  Combonians, Capuchin Tertiary Sisters and especially with missionaries from the Society of African Missions.

Society of African Missions
The Society of African Missions was founded by Monsignor Marion of Brésillac in December 1856.

We are a family of missionary priests and seculars sharing our passion for Africa, the love of its people and respect for its traditions and cultures.

We are moved by our faith in Jesus Christ and the desire to proclaim his kingdom in every corner of the African continent. We seek justice, we work for peace, we build fraternity. In short, we commit ourselves to the realization of God’s project.
The Society of African missions was born to accompany the poorest of Africa on the path of life and faith in Christ. That is our charisma: the first evangelization. We are present in the most abandoned places to share, with simplicity and humility, what we are and what we have with our african brothers. Queremos que hombres y mujeres vivan con dignidad. Todos, sin excepción, somos hijos de Dios.

We believe in the testimony of the community and the value of internationality. We come from the five continents  and we try to make that our differences enrich us. God calls us and Africa binds us.