, CEO of NUPA, Association of children, adults and families with intestinal failure, parenteral nutrition or transplantation of multi organs.

Journalist expert in human rights, Alba R. Santos directs NUPA, an association that provides comprehensive support to children, adults and families with a rare disease, covering all their basic needs and helping them cope with the social, economic and emotional impact it entails.

At the same time, Alba is very involved with other humanitarian tasks, has developed several projects in Latin American countries such as Panama, Haiti or Gambia through Foundation Olloqui. In addition, Alba has a long career path in the media business and in the management of NGOs.

Currently, Alba collaborates in some spanish publications, and recently she has published the children’s book “Tales to understand my world” through which she intends to educate in values ​​of empathy and respect towards the different adventures that some children have had to live.

Alba maintains a close collaboration relationship with Hospital La Paz in Madrid, the only hospital that serves transplanted children with up to eight vital organs. In her day to day, Alba tries that society could share the emotions of these little great heroes, spreading stories of overcoming that leave indelible lessons.