, Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research (1997).

Member of the team of the Pleistocene deposits of ‘Sierra de Atapuerca’. He is  currently a co-Principal Investigator, with Juan Luis Arsuaga, from the Atapuerca Research Project

He has published more than two hundred scientific works in the field of human evolution in the most important international journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA or Journal of Human Evolution. He has also written scientific articles in Spanish newspapers (El País, ABC, El Mundo, La Razón, etc.) and scientific magazines as Investigación y Ciencia, Mundo Científico or National Geographic. Author of the book El primate que quería volar and co-autor with Juan Luis Arsuaga of the books La Especie Elegida, Amalur, y Atapuerca y la Evolución Humana.

Honorary Member of UNESCO since 2012.